Study Abroad Insurance

Study abroad provides a variety of academic opportunities for students. But sometimes, the experience of studying in another country can have unforeseen consequences.

LewerMark understands the unique needs of U.S. students studying abroad and can help you prepare for the unexpected with our overseas study insurance plans.

We’ve designed each and every LewerMark Study Abroad Plan with global emergency medical assistance services available through operations centers staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trained multilingual and medical personnel, including doctors and nurses, are available to advise and assist quickly and professionally in a medical emergency.

Studying abroad is often a fun and rewarding experience that students should take advantage of while they are in school. But as soon as a student makes the decision to attend school in another country, carrying insurance becomes essential.

First, the host country and the school may require their students to have insurance. In addition to possibly being a requirement, proper health insurance with sufficient coverage will give students peace of mind during their time abroad to know they are protected from the unexpected.

With our medical insurance plans for study abroad students, students will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Extra protection in case they get sick or are involved in an accident. Uninsured students could also end up with an expensive medical bill
  • Convenient healthcare, especially since exposure to a new environment could leave their immune systems vulnerable
  • Extensive healthcare insurance that goes beyond domestic healthcare coverage
  • Travel insurance options for added coverage for additional travel issues like lost luggage
  • 24/7 medical support from trusted healthcare providers with accessible translators

Standard health insurance has a limited scope. As a result, some students who study abroad opt for an international or travel health insurance instead. International health insurance and travel insurance cover different circumstances. Students may choose to obtain both, depending on their needs.

International Health Insurance

International health insurance protects students who plan to study overseas for a prolonged period. It covers treatment for emergency and routine healthcare, with flexibility in choosing their doctor and medical facility, as long they are a part of the insurance provider’s network.

The policy may cover the following:

  • Healthcare costs – An international student health insurance covers standard healthcare costs, such as hospital stays and prescriptions.
  • Specialized health benefits – On top of covering the cost of healthcare, the policy also includes coverage for mental health, pre-existing conditions, organized sports, and more.

Travel Insurance Programs

Student travel insurance programs, on the other hand, support students who go on short-term trips abroad to study.

Carriers of the insurance program get paid a sum in the event of a medical or financial emergency. The scope of this program may include:

  • Loss of luggage – If a student loses their bag, they can reimburse the value of its contents, up to the limit of their policy.
  • Loss of personal belongings – In the case of stolen passports, phones, or other items, students can use the program to reimburse travel delays until they get the problem sorted out.
  • Trip cancellations – The trip cancellation part of the policy reimburses a student for their prepaid expenses if they need to cancel their trip before departure.
  • Emergency medical treatment – Travel insurance provides coverage for short-term emergency medical treatment. This allows people to get treatment they may need to make it home if an emergency does occur.

For students studying abroad, LewerMark offers comprehensive health insurance plans with global emergency medical assistance to protect them while overseas. Call us today for more information.


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