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We understand the unique needs of U.S. students studying overseas. That’s why we’ve designed each and every LewerMark Study Abroad Plan with global emergency medical assistance services available through operations centers staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trained multilingual and medical personnel, including doctors and nurses, are available to advise and assist, quickly and professionally, in a medical emergency.

Protect Your Students while They Study Abroad

LewerMark Study Abroad Plans provide your students and faculty with the following features, each of which is designed to keep them healthy and prepared during the course of their travels:

  • Based on the needs of your students and faculty, you can select from three different levels of coverage. – Silver, Gold, & Platinum.
  • You can choose one plan design for all your students, or pick different plan designs for each unique Study Abroad trip. For example, a group traveling to London could have a different benefit package than a group going to Mexico City.
  • Each plan has its own daily rate that applies to students and faculty alike. So calculating total premium cost is as simple as multiplying the number of days by the daily rate.
  • Gold and Platinum Plans include additional travel coverage features, including Loss of Passport, Lost Baggage, and Trip Interruption and Cancellation benefits.
  • A Political/Security & Natural Disaster Evacuation Benefit can be added to either the Gold or Platinum Plans.


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