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We know your school’s task of evaluating health insurance options for students continues to grow more complex. Insurance laws in our country are changing rapidly. New regulations can be even more complex for international students studying in the U.S.

The Importance of Mandating Insurance

When a school is evaluating health insurance options for its students, one of the most important considerations is whether that plan should be mandated. Mandating a group insurance plan for international students acts as a form of risk mitigation—for all parties involved. It serves as protection legally and financially. And it can help schools with new student recruitment because they can be more transparent and accurate in estimating costs for students.

Providing insurance through a group plan has a number of advantages for both institution and student:

  • Group policies protect the school against students falling through the cracks and winding up uninsured.
  • A mandated plan ensures that every individual has the proper insurance needed to access preferred medical providers.
  • Local medical providers are protected from medical bills that your students cannot pay, which protects your school from negative publicity.
  • The U.S. healthcare system can be difficult even for lifelong residents to navigate. A plan provided by the school removes the issues associated with students shopping for insurance in a marketplace that they may not understand.
  • The student is protected from unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses. When accidents, illnesses, or other medical issues occur, they know that they will not be caught with an unexpected and sometimes significant bill.

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