Why Study Abroad Students Should Have Health Insurance Even If Their School Doesn’t Offer a Group Plan

Nik LewerNik Lewer | February 3, 2017

Studying abroad in a new country is an exciting and fulfilling adventure. However, it if an emergency comes up, you won’t be able to rely on your family doctor or campus medical center from back home. Obtaining the right insurance plan can help make studying abroad a safe and stress-free experience. Below are seven reasons why study abroad health insurance is important for students going abroad.

1. You Can’t Predict an Accident

No one plans to have an accident or get sick. If you find yourself injured or ill, you do not want to deal with the added headache of having to worry about whether you can afford to go to the hospital. When studying abroad, you will be in unfamiliar territory, and managing your health and safety will be different than it was at home. It’s worthwhile to look into obtaining an insurance plan to make sure you have as few unpleasant surprises as possible.

2. Medical Expenses Can Add Up Without Insurance

Purchasing student insurance can help you avoid costly medical expenses down the road. It is hard to anticipate how much different countries may charge you for their health services. Having your insurance figured out before your trip can help reduce the stress of calculating medical costs.

3. An Accident or Illness May Unexpectedly Extend Your Time Away

Paying for hospital bills is one thing, but paying for an apartment, food, or even a visa because you had to stay abroad longer to recover will make your trip all the more expensive. If you can deal with a medical situation quickly and effectively, then you can avoid the costs of staying abroad longer than you need to.

4. Applying for Insurance Is Quick and Easy

Applying for study abroad health insurance won’t take long at all, and will prevent future stress in the case of an emergency. Doing a little “paperwork” before your trip will help avoid doing a lot more later on.

5. There’s a Plan That Works For You

Depending on where you go and how long you stay, there are plans that can meet your specific needs. If you have questions about anything related to your insurance needs, you should be able to easily contact your insurance provider for answers.

6. You Can Speak to Someone who Speaks Your Language

If you have study abroad health insurance, there will be staff from a global emergency medical assistance service available to speak to you in English 24/7, and available in most of the countries you may visit. Whether it’s midnight in Tokyo or an early afternoon in Paris, there are multilingual medical personnel on hand to assist you in case of a medical emergency.

7. It Will Help Mom and Dad Sleep at Night

Aside from the occasional phone call, text message, Facebook post, or Skype session, your parents won’t have as much contact with you as they usually do. It’s no secret that parents tend to worry for their children’s safety. If you’re studying abroad, your parents will feel more secure knowing you purchased study abroad health insurance to make your time away from home as safe as possible. Purchasing study abroad health insurance is not just for your benefitit will be for your parents too. They will sleep better at night knowing their child has taken charge of their health and safety. Buying study abroad health insurance should be one of the first things you check off your list before studying abroad. If you’re ready to learn more, get in touch with LewerMark for advice.

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