Why Community Colleges Should Offer Health Insurance for International Students

Erin CaswellErin Caswell | February 6, 2017

We’re living in a globalized world where people are moving across borders more often than ever before. A person may be born in one country, study in another, and then work somewhere else altogether. Schools reflect this new reality with a diverse student body from all over the world. Not only is this new level of diversity the new normal—it’s also beneficial.


International students bring in diverse viewpoints and experiences that will enrich discussions in your classroom. Learning about different ways of life will help your graduates when they enter the workforce by sharpening their cultural awareness. This means that they will have the ability to understand cultures different than their own—a highly valued skill in a globalized economy. Furthermore, international students can also help maintain healthy enrollment numbers in schools that may have issues with filling seats.


There are many reasons to encourage students from abroad to come study at your school. One of the best things you can do to move the process along is to make sure you’ve provided all the necessities for a safe and positive experience. All schools should offer health insurance as a way to attract international students, and here’s why.

It Will Make Your School a More Inviting Place to Study

When parents send their students across borders and overseas to study in a new country, there is an understandable level of anxiety. Parents and students alike want to know that the student will be safe and happy in their new temporary home. To alleviate some of the anxiety from the transition, your school should offer health insurance to all of these incoming international students.


Students already have a lot to think about when planning their new school year, and they will appreciate not having to search for insurance on their own. By helping your students check off this item from their list in advance, you will help your school become a more inviting place to study.

Tailored International Student Health Insurance Can help with Language Barriers

Many international students have studied English in school from a young age, but not everyone is comfortable with discussing their health issues in a foreign tongue. The LewerMark International Student Health Insurance plan has translation specialists on hand who can help with the details of communicating any health needs. For example, MyNurse 24/7 is a service available in over 200 languages, so it is likely they will be able to communicate with the vast majority of your students if English is difficult for them.

You Can Start Building Relationships with International Communities

When looking at schools abroad, most prospective students will choose their place of study in consultation with their parents, friends, and extended family. While a younger person may not necessarily think to ask about health insurance, their parents definitely will–or should.


Once your school has demonstrated that it is a positive place to study, you may then get your first group of students from overseas at your institution. If they enjoy their time at your school, a chain reaction starts to takes place. The students who have had a positive experience will tell their family and friends back home about their time abroad. This process can lead to more students pursuing their studies at your institution, with a steady flow of increased enrollments year after year.


Managing a school is no easy task, and sometimes the public takes for granted all the work that goes into the education system. International student health insurance can help take some of the worry away from your school by ensuring that your students are covered if they have an accident or illness. Get in touch with LewerMark to discuss your options in regards to health insurance for your students to make sure your international students are taken care of while studying at your institution.

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