Who We Are

With roots in the United States and Canada, The Lewer Agency, Inc. entered the international student insurance market in 1991. Prior to this exciting expansion, The Lewer Agency had been working diligently for over 35 years building a strong reputation offering medical insurance and financial services to large national accounts.

From its home base in Kansas City, Missouri, The Lewer Agency has enjoyed steady growth year-after-year by designing and administrating comprehensive group benefit programs for small group employers with companies such as Hallmark Cards, ConocoPhillips, Shaw Industries, Purina Mills, Conoco and Yamaha.

It was during these early years that The Lewer Agency became known for its success providing medical insurance in specialized markets. In some circles, there were no other companies that could surpass The Lewer Agency’s ability to market and administer group medical programs on a national scope primarily due to the company’s focus and more manageable size.

“We could move faster and more effectively than the larger insurance companies,” said president, Michael Lewer. “We also worked in very specialized markets, which made it easier for us to know our clients and to meet their individual needs. When you understand your clients, you have an edge.”

In 1992, one full year after the kick-off of the LewerMark student insurance program, The Lewer Agency responded to the needs of current client schools by expanding the program. A Study Abroad plan, global emergency services, a discount drug and vision program, and a medical help line were added to the LewerMark product portfolio. More recently, an on-line enrollment application and geographical expansion have contributed to The Lewer Agency’s recognition among academic institutions across the globe. This attention to continuous improvement and expansion of programs and services has enabled The Lewer Agency to grow its client base. Today, the company supports the insurance and risk management requirements of over 200 colleges and universities.

Best's Recommended

Our mission is to provide institutions of higher education and their international student populations with unsurpassed value and peace of mind through the LewerMark programs. Our vision is to positively influence international education for all those impassioned to learn about other people and other cultures. Having established a reputation for innovation and expertise in the medical insurance industry since 1956, The Lewer Agency is uniquely positioned to provide client schools and their international and study abroad students quality coverage and appropriate risk management solutions across all borders.