Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need insurance?
Medical care in the United States is expensive. All non-immigrant students must demonstrate their ability to pay any and all debts that they incur while in the United States. A comprehensive medical plan is very important. This is why your school has a policy that all international students have medical insurance.

2. Why should I buy this insurance?
There are different kinds of medical insurance available but they may not be adequate for your needs. Your institution has looked at different programs and has chosen this plan over the others, based on the plan’s benefits, rates and the reputation of the company. Other plans may appear cheaper but they do not have the level of coverage that your school requires. When you purchase this plan, the school will know how to help you if you have any problems. If you purchase another plan and have a problem, the school may not be able to help you.

3. What doctors/hospital/facilities do I use in network?
This information can be found on the back of your ID Card. Or, you may contact the The Lewer Agency’s Student Insurance Department at 800-821-7710 from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m., Mon. – Fri., CST or email us.

4. What does this insurance pay for?
Hospitals, Doctors, x-rays, Lab Fees, etc. Examples of medical conditions typically covered are Broken Leg, Flu, Appendicitis, Heart Attack, Sprained Wrist, Maternity, etc.

5. What doesn’t this insurance pay for?
Some examples of non-covered expenses are: Pre-existing conditions (injury or illness that you had before the policy became effective) vision care, dental care, routine care, etc. (see brochure)

6. What is the copayment?
Example: The hospital bill totals $450. You must pay the first $50 to the hospital. The plan will then pay the remaining covered expenses of the $400. The copayment must be paid for each hospital visit. You have already paid a fee along with your tuition that gives you access to insurance.

7. Should I go to the hospital at night if I don’t feel well?
The hospital emergency room is designed for life threatening emergencies. However, if you can wait until the next day, you should see your regular doctor or go to the student health center.

8. What is an accident and sickness questionnaire?
When you have a claim, you submit information to the Lewer Agency so that the claim can be paid. The accident and sickness questionnaire explains to the insurance company why you went to the doctor. It must be filled out completely and sent in with your medical bills to the insurance company. Accident and sickness questionnaires are available at the International Student Office or from the Lewer Agency and also on this website.

9. What coverage do I need when I travel?
The insurance will cover your medical costs in any part of the world except your home country.

10. Do you have a refund premium policy?
The school administration office has 60 days from the time the school term begins to make any enrollment changes or modifications. If a school withdraws a student from coverage within 60 days and notifies the Lewer Agency within 60 days, the school is eligible to receive a full refund. On the other hand, if the school delays notification past 60 days, we will process a partial refund from the date of the notification though the end of the paid period.The Lewer Agency can refund 100% of the student’s paid premium, if we are notified of the refund request within 60 days. Otherwise, refunds will be calculated from the date of receipt of the written notification or the requested date of termination, whichever is later. The Lewer Agency does not issue refunds for prior school terms. We will deny coverage cancellation requests received directly from students. Coverage cancellation and refund requests must come directly from the school administrator. Refund checks will be payable to either the school or the student and mailed to the school unless we receive written notification from the school directing payment to the student. As premium will not be refunded from a prior quarter or semester, you are advised to notify your office if you are leaving school mid-term or if your visa status changes while attending classes at your institution.Note that refunds are not available for students who have experienced medical claims during the school term for which premium has been paid. Refund availability is also subject to the school’s existing refund policy and procedures. For instance, certain schools may not generate refund requests during the school term.The Lewer Agency reserves the right to modify this refund policy at its discretion.

11. What is Assist America?
This is a free service for all participants for any health questions, illness, or emergency. If you are 100 miles or more from school, call Assist America for any medical assistance including finding a provider, transport or medical evacuation, or other medical requirements including medical trauma counseling. For medical service information you can contact: Assist America by calling 800-872-1414.

12. What is your 30 day Extended Coverage policy?
Extended Coverage automatically provides coverage up to 30 days in advance to newly enrolled students and 30 days following the completion of educational program or graduation, as long as the student remains in the United States. The school is not required to provide the Lewer Agency with each newly enrolled student’s date of arrival in the country.

13. What is a Term Off?
International students are allowed a “term off” and are still considered full time students by immigration guidelines. These students are permitted to request coverage and remain insured during their “term-off” (i.e. summer vacation). Your school must notify the Lewer Agency of any students opting for a term-off and the reason. You are limited to one term-off per a 12 month academic period. For schools with trimesters, any semester can be taken as a term-off. For schools with two semester systems the term off is designated as the summer semester.

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